Smashing the Stigma


I was lucky enough to find myself in conference with some of the country’s brightest minds in the field of ADHD medicine recently and was taken by how passionate they all are to remove the stigma surrounding this condition. Some of them even referred to it as their life’s work. I couldn’t help but marvel at the Herculean task that they’re trying to undertake and I’m fortunate to be included in the beginning stages of the realization of their collective dream. I’ve suffered from ADHD, struggled with it, passed it on to my son, written about it, and have finally accepted it in the same terms that my brethren accept it. They are calling it Fastbraiin and they say we are lucky. Lucky to be among the 25% of our population that are brilliant, entrepreneurial, lively, innovative thinkers AND doers. We are the explorers, the dreamers, the achievers, the entertainers, the risk takers. Why should we shrink away like violets when we can (and should) channel our brain power and energies to reach for the successes that have sometimes eluded us under a more negative name. Let’s #SmashTheStigma now. Will you join me?

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