Nudist Buddhist

bhuddaI have to share this one. My son and I were discussing religion this morning over our breakfast and things got very interesting when Seth made a snarky remark that lead us down a path of defining what he actually believes in. The first thing he said was that he believed in Aliens (I have raised him right point #1) followed by belief in the paranormal (this has some of his grandparents gravely concerned) and finally he stated that he was a little bit agnostic with a heavy dose of Buddhism. All fine by me as I had stated to him earlier that we all have individual belief systems and are entitled to them. The bus comes and then he exits the car. Next thing I hear is the ping alerting me to his IM, where he further states the following (I can’t make this stuff up):

Seth: The truth is I am a nudist and I don’t go to temples (me aside: probably a good thing)

Seth: Sorry that was a serious typo. Wanted to say that I was a Buddhist and that was my belief and I also go with the flow and live life and that is my religion

Seth: And my religion is whatever your religion is

Seth: Not to seem strange or anything

Me: You just made my day. You are a nudist Buddhist.

The reason this is funny for me is that Ron (my husband) and I often joke about the idea of greeting the door-to-door truth spreaders in the buff and asking them to come in to discuss their gospel under the guise of being nudist Buddhists. One time, I triple-dog dared Ron to do it, but he flat-out refused (the wuss).

Anyhoo, this whole exchange made my day and I thought I’d share…

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