Everything starts in the sandbox

Everything starts in the sandbox…think about it. When we are barely able to sit up as babies, our parents, caregivers and other well-meaning adults put us in the sandbox. And who wouldn’t? It has four walls, solid construction, clearly defined boundaries and it is a safe place to put us (period). When you are in the sandbox, several things can happen. You can see, touch and ultimately try to eat the sand. You can put it down your pants. You can throw it at your sandbox mates (although that is kinda mean). If you are a baby genius, you can build a historically accurate model of the Taj Mahal complete with reflection pool, base, dome and finial, but I digress. We learn a lot of our social skills while we are in that sandbox. There is Jake the big bully who likes to throw sand (even though he has gotten the stern looks with furrowed brow, finger wag and tsk-tsk from his adult representative.) There is Abigail with the pigtails! She is everybody’s BEST friend. She’s a pleaser and is great when a fight breaks out (most likely because Jake threw sand). Abigail is a peace maker and peace keeper. There is Noel (who always seems to have a runny nose or some kind of cold). He usually has a load in his diaper and something to say about it. There is Bridgette (she is the pretty one that everyone loves (but secretly hates)). She is perfect in every way, from her Garanimal Giraffe print jumper with matching shoes and her pretty hair bow to her perfect name and her perfect perfectness. (Jake always stops throwing sand when Bridgette is around). There is Simon (the quiet watcher and future Goth band front man). He is intently studying and learning everybody’s movements in the box and then scribbles his musings in a future lyric journal (he can’t write yet, you know) that will someday turn into his band’s playbook. And then there is Sophie. Sophie is special. Sophie is unique. Sophie is my favorite. She knows in her open and undeveloped mind that the sandbox is not always the place to be. She is the one who keeps climbing out of the damn thing and makes a beeline for the swings or if her people are really distracted talking to the other big people, Sophie races to the slide, climbs to the top and shouts her creed! I love Sophie! I want to be like Sophie! Swing Sophie, swing.

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  1. Loved it. You hit the nail on the head.

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