Ummmm, nope, not this one!

I am on a quest of sorts to find the perfect robe and oddly enough, there are as many robe styles as there are jelly belly flavors (Fun Fact: Jelly Belly officially has 53 flavors). Why am I on this quest you ask? Well, my beloved (and completely threadbare) cotton, bit-of-heaven went “missing” a few months ago and try as I might, I cannot find it. My husband says that I must have thrown it away, but I know better. We have this game that we play when it comes to holey clothes that are completely beyond any repair. It is called, the “Let’s Rip Them to Shreds While You Are Wearing Them” game. Odd? Yes, but very-very necessary. It is not a game that we play lightly either. We are talking about a stage of clothing where you wouldn’t answer the door wearing said article. And it is fun too! It starts when you see the shirts, pants or (god-forbid) underwear and the easily accessible hole or holes. Put your finger in it and riiiiiiip! Payback is a bitch too. Hence my missing beloved robe, hence the quest.

So there are more traditional styles like waffle weave, terry, velour, jersey, and cashmere. For you static cling lovers out there, you have a multitude of choices in silk, rayon, modal and satin. I just want something that breathes. Unfortunately (and embarrassingly enough) my last (and best robe) was a maternity robe. Very roomy with pretty blue flowers and plenty of room for two. Now that I am well past the child bearing need, I want to find one like it, but for one. That is the problem for me as I can’t find a fabric that works. I don’t want cute fluffy jumping bunnies or floor-to-ceiling zipper coverage and let’s just be honest folks, flannel and the South don’t mix. I don’t want sleek and sexy see through anything, I just want comfortable! Plain, old comfortable….HELP!


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  1. You crack me up! I cannot believe when I saw robe quest! I remember you telling me SEVERAL years ago that you still wore your maternity robe.
    I have been on a quest of sorts as well and found that for the south, you definitely have to have 2 – one for winter months and one for the rest of the year in the south. I like them mid calf and wrap around – cotton stretch is necessary, waffle weave doesn’t bother me, but I use it after shower to put make-up on, so I usually look for white so that I can bleach it…
    Jessica London? has been some help… But unfortunately, I still have no clothing budget so I am still using the $1.00 Walmart zip up summer robe that my mom gave me (finally Mal and the girls finally stopped saying, “Hey, that looks like Nana’s robe.”) LOL
    Love the new blog sister… You’re a very funny writer.
    Have you read (oldie but a goodie), “Bitter Is The New Black; And Other Reasons Not To Bring Your Prada Bag To The Unemployement Office” by Jen Lancaster… Very funny!

  2. I’m on a similar quest for the perfect pair of brown sandals for summer. I know what I want in my head, it’s just a matter of finding it! 🙂

  3. Very amusing indeed…..good luck

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